This shyt we call life is like a jig saw puzzle but I will master it and put all the pieces together
Home alone for day number two grateful for paternal bonds the struggle struggle is real I needed this down time to vacation from the vacation
God is good; learning the virtue of patience…..I won’t move til u tell me Lord
I am so grateful for discernment God…. please don’t ever leave me again
I been waiting this kid out every night I think I need to start besting azz starting round 8:30 hell I b tired as hell

My days and nights have been so zen….grateful for learning to tune into my intuition

My kids got me laughing so hard my side hurts these chern just silly mayne and this lil boy is good at aggravating folks already…smh
Happy daddy day guys from me and my A team

Happy daddy day guys from me and my A team